What is Pro-Active ?

Pro-Active (PROA) is active in technology management since 1995, performing management tasks all along the TRL cycle :
phenomena analysis, basic and applied research, proof-of-concept, technology integration, prototyping, scale-up, industrial production, market and finance access.

Experience include more than 25 EU KETs funded projects within exploitation, dissemination and communication tasks. PROA is also active in providing technology management advise to several start-ups in the field of bio, nano and material tech, as well as Industrial companies engaged in the integration of new technology in their production and market strategy.

PROA has been involved in supporting companies to have a more efficient access to market strategy, as well as access to finance approach. PROA has build up a specialist network covering all fields of KET specialties, business and strategy know-how and privileged contacts with a large base of investors in the EU. All the needed know-how, human resources and network are ready to be integrated to develop market share in the emerging field of market growth equity funding for companies in the KETs and technology integration sectors.


Having gained over 25 years experience within in Proactive’s consulting practice, Thomas has a broad range of advisory experience in consulting for clients in the public sector, services and technology industries. He has significant experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of communication strategies, science advice, innovation and exploitation management

Thomas has a Business Administration Degree, from CERIA Brussels, a Master in Media & Communication from Solvay Business School, a Transdisciplinary Master in Political Theory and Philosophy of Law a Master in Philosophy of Sciences, Ethics and Biotechnology from ULB and a Master in Security and Defense from the Eoyal Military academy of Belgium.

Thomas speaks English, French and Spanish fluently.

Specialist Network

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